This module is encrypted with IonCube, it's a software included in most of the servers in their basic services, to test if your server has IconCube installer, you can upload a .php file to check it ->

The ioncube installation is free but it should be done for your hosting provider, and most of servers includes it. We will help if you need it.

For any questions or problems you can write us to the chat, email ( or telephone 0034 699 19 64 02. We speak english.

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Step 1: Download

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PosTPV Prestashop is implemented for several versions of PHP. If you need to know which one to download, contact your hosting provider.

Choose an option below and upload the "" file to your prestashop, at the "modules" tab. You do not need to unzip the file.

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Step 2: installation
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Find the module on the modules list and click on the install button.

Here you can find a video showing the process.

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Step 3: free trial

Now you will be able to see the "POS Store" section on your Prestashop menu

The modules is already installed and running, enjoy it for 10 days and let us know if you find some problem.

Demo PosTPV Prestashop