ChangeLog POS Prestashop

This list shows the main versions, subversions are created between main version are updated regulary

Version 4.4 [08/02/2019]

  • The Stock section now shows a movements table and a current status with more details
  • Improvement for products returning in cancelled orders

Version 4.3 [04/02/2018]

  • Improvement in returns tickets details
  • Improvements in products order

Version 4.2 [27/11/2018]

  • Warehouses restrictions for employee
  • Button for changing customer in the order
  • Button to change currency directly on the POS
  • New label size in the barcode generator
  • Improvemen in character in the add product panel
  • Improvement in statistics
  • Credit order improvement, now you can add products
  • Product link in the Stock section

Version 4.1 [07/06/2018]

  • Change of employee button always available in the POS
  • Cashdrawer movements encryptedfor the french normative NF 525
  • Translation panel of the POS Prestashop
  • Barcode to identify the receipt
  • All in One rewards module integration
  • Partial returns in credit orders still not paid
  • Improvements in design and interface of the cashdrawers
  • Changement of price with or without taxes
  • Bugs on IE 11
  • UPC in the codebar label generator
  • New codebar labels size
  • Carts by customers can be recovered from the POS
  • Error handling with Ioncube

Version 4.0 [02/09/2017]

  • PS 1.7 adaptation
  • Corrected bugs in statistics with credit orders
  • Birth date in customer fields
  • QR code and custom text field in label generator
  • More columns in the stock table in statistics
  • Custom fields in customers
  • Compatibility with PS 1.6.0.X
  • Products counter on the POS
  • Custom carrier in quotations

Version 3.9 [22/04/2017]

  • Quotations saved as orders and printables in several languages.
  • Button for cashdrawer printing.
  • Button to group products in statistics.
  • Japanese and chinses language added in the label generator.
  • Quick return also in products with no stock
  • Category filter in sales statistics
  • Returns with the payment method specified.
  • The stock section can transfer between warehouses
  • Fixed issues in Safari.
  • Performance improvement in the user interface of the POS.
  • Fixed incompatibility with Google analytics causing error 502.
  • Trial version trial for new customers.
  • Fixed bugs in sales statistics and improved the time reponse in results.
  • Button to hide the cashdrawer total.
  • Added option to save configurations in the label generator.

Version 3.8 [01/01/2016]

  • In Restock section, new button to generate the labels from the items added.
  • In Restock section price and wholesale price are modifiable.
  • New featured, the cashdrawers, configurable from the configuration panel.
  • New interface in label generator
  • New sizes in the label generator.
  • Root category selectable in the POS.
  • Advanced stock management added to the restock section.
  • Improvement in the interface of configuration panel.
  • Statistics with invoice filter.
  • Quick returns without needing to search order.
  • More options exporting reports in statistics.
  • Posibility to choose the currency in the POS.
  • New interface inthe order credit list.
  • Gift ticket modifiable.

Version 3.7 [05/10/2015]

  • Improved budget template.
  • Fixed bugs in Ipad.
  • Fixed bugs in returns.
  • Before adding products with combinations now there is a popup to select the combination desired.
  • Redesigned interface to allow more products in screen
  • In label generator, now there's a field to add an offset and a button to hide products with 0 stock.
  • In module configuration it has been created a selector to choose categories to hide in the POS.
  • Button in the order to modify the order date.
  • Create and print cart rules (discounts).
  • Responsive improved.
  • Fixed bug in warehouses carriers.
  • Sales statistics with taxes breakdown and button to print the sales with details.
  • Added the option to ignore produtcs marked as "online only".
  • Optional column in receipt with price/unit.
  • Optional column in receipt with original price.
  • Payment methods with fees (fixed and/or variable).

Version 3.6 [08/07/2015]

  • Statistics tab with stock report and sales report.
  • Improvement in product list.
  • Now it's possible to add a weight to calculate the price based on unity price.
  • Improvement in codebars section, new sizes, quick configuration, more filters, etc.
  • New section to manage stock quickly ( no ASM yet ).
  • Product customization improved.
  • Bugs fixed in installation and unistallation.
  • Change product name in orders page.

Version 3.5 [12/01/2015]

  • Optional extra field in customers.
  • The possibility to upload images to products.
  • Photo gallery in products.
  • Fixed bug in the change of prices of products.
  • Fixed bug related to the shipping.
  • Swipe effect in products list.
  • Improvement in orders processing. The emails to customer can be disabled to improve the perfomance waiting the ticket
  • Signatura of invoices and delivery slips.

Version 3.4 [15/11/2014]

  • Customizations in products showed in tickets and saved in the order.
  • Improvement in search algorithm.
  • Extra screen to show to the customer in the physical store.
  • Changes on the interface related to the prestashop menu.
  • Optimization of space creating a slider menu.
  • Improvement in the daily totalization design.
  • Temporary change of product name.

Version 3.3 [08/07/2014]

  • Added button to enlarge photo of the product.
  • Fix language bug in the order tab.
  • Improvement product entry by barcode reader.
  • Added new paper types in the barcode labels generator.
  • Improvement payments, now you can enter payment information, interest, fees, etc.
  • Improvement in totalization, now with distinction between physical store and online.
  • Interface change in the module configuration.
  • Special optional functionality to avoid splitted orders when products are in different warehouses.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts, ESC delete shopping list, F10 do checkout.
  • Added German, Portuguese and Italian.

Version 3.2 [08/07/2014]

  • Added the option to enable the sound "Beep" when a product is added.
  • Added the option to add a column in the tickets with the discounts per product.
  • Added the option to show discounts in gift tickets.

Version 3.1 [16/05/2014]

  • Improvement in discounts, search by invoice number.
  • Temporary change of prices in the pos.
  • Ticket reprinting from the order page.
  • Improvement in codebars. Now you can print labels of products and combinations with name, price, combination name and codebar. It also autogenerates the codebars if they don't exist.

Version 3.0 [26/04/2014]

  • Updated for prestashop 1.6.
  • Change of order in the shopping list.

Version 2.9 [26/03/2014]

  • Added arabic language.
  • Keyboard changed, calculator mode.
  • Added retentions button.
  • Register customers without email.

Version 2.8 [04/03/2014]

  • Added orders button.
  • Added invoice button.
  • Management of payment methods.
  • Added payment method, Bank transfer, integrated in ticket.

Version 2.7 [21/02/2014]

  • Added nederlans language.
  • Added Danish language.
  • Returns generate reductions ticket.

Version 2.6 [05/02/2014]

  • Tax button now in configuration.
  • Added invoice credit.
  • Added button to generate codebar pages to paste in products.

Version 2.5 [24/01/2014]

  • Added the button "Add product".
  • Bugs fixed in add customer.
  • Added note field to include a note in the order.
  • Added the option to include the customer data in the ticket.

Version 2.4 [ 19/12/2013 ]

  • Breakdown taxes on tickets.
  • POS multi - user, with permissions for different employees. From now on every employee has their permits and there is no mixture of shopping lists when multiple employees working at once.
  • Fixed bugs in discounts.
  • Paid and refund added to the ticket.

Version 2.1 [25/11/2013]

  • Rewrite all module, now it works dinamically, with AJAX.
  • Gift ticket.
  • Discounts with fidelization module.
  • Adaptation from ticket to simplified invoice.
  • Add customer button.
  • Print button in totalization.

Version 2.0 [23/10/2013]

  • New interface adapted for any screen (mobile, tablet, or widescreen), as it adapts to the width dynamically.
  • Added configuration option to edit search parameters and customize a field to the ticket.

Version 1.3 [28/08/2013]

  • Added option "totalization" for sales made in a day through the POS in cash and credit card.

Version 1.2 [15/03/2013]

  • Browse by product categories.
  • Keyboard on the screen to change return.

Version 1.0 and 1.1 [20/01/2013]

  • Adapted from version 1.4 with all the functionality that you had to assign an order to a customer, order with or without VAT, search by reference, name and EAN, etc.