ChangeLog POS Prestashop

This list shows the main versions, subversions are created between main version are updated regulary

Version 4.7.7 [12/03/2020]

  • Tax breakdown in statistics.
  • Change to controller returns and numbering fixing.
  • Filtered categories in restock.
  • New option of shopping carts parked on a panel.
  • New Persian language.
  • Integration with "Quantitydiscountpro" Module.
  • Product finder at the POS with zero stock option.
  • Eliminated the generation of barcodes that start with 0 because they give problems.
  • Statistical fixing.
  • Fixed that an order only appears in statistics if it was invoiced in that range and if it is not invoiced, see if the order is in the range in which the order was placed.
  • Integration with the "Advanced loyalty" module.
  • Improved breakdown of returns.
  • In statistics, in the stock section, now the table has no pagination, it has a "load more" button.
  • Fixed ticket format so that the first impression goes well on both computer and mobile.
  • Supplier reference in the tag generator.
  • Button to set store prices only to employees.
  • Product returns now with possibility of total amount in negative and a card checker.

Version 4.7.6 [29/10/2019]

  • In statistics, all the tabs are loaded only when clicking on them.
  • Product detail report.
  • Cash audits in list of orders to export.
  • Changes in the POS in the button to navigate between categories
  • Two new statistics reports for Excel.
  • New label sizes.

Version 4.7.5 [19/09/2019]

  • Filter of employee profiles in statistics.
  • Change in the POS configuration so that it does not reach the limit of sending variables per form.
  • Button to generate labels also available for Prestashop 1.7.
  • Improvement to avoid logout when using the POS.
  • Now configurable that when creating a product, the option to "delete after order" is default or not.
  • Improvement in employee choice.
  • Improvement in the order allowing to change the payment method from a list.

Version 4.7.4 [29/08/2019]

  • New button to group products in statistics.
  • Added ticket in email sent and added auto sending ticket in mail
  • Improvement in tax information on the ticket

Version 4.7.3 [06/08/2019]

  • Improvements in the cash audit at the database level..

Version 4.7.2 [02/08/2019]

  • Added some fixing and details in mixed payment.
  • Breakdown by group discounts on tickets.
  • Improved cash audit interface, date format, more descriptive names, etc.
  • New gender field in the registration and modification of clients.

Version 4.7.1 [28/07/2019]

  • Cash movements keep the payment method used.
  • Compatibility with Prestashop 1.7.6.
  • Warehouse location compatible with 1.7.

Version 4.7.0. [17/07/2019]

  • Improvements in the POS screen, so that the customer can see what employees are adding.
  • The credit order ticket now reflects the amount remaining to be paid.
  • New button to open drawer in the cash audit.
  • Change of status from the order list.
  • Daily sales summary sent by email.
  • New possibility of seeing tickets in the order list.
  • New feature to ask for password when making a return.
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin / master'.
  • Redesign in the ticket configuration.
  • Fixed Refund numbering.

Version 4.6 [16/05/2019]

  • Improved search for baskets on hold.
  • Improved 50/50 template to avoid scrolls.
  • Improved performance in product search.
  • Change of order in credit orders, by order of creation.
  • Improvements in response.
  • New feature, from the POS you can choose the warehouse that will discount the product line by line
  • Fixed Bugs in returns when reprinting a corrected ticket.
  • Graph of sales per day in the statistics.
  • Graph of sales per day in statistics with an overview from all stores.
  • Breakdown of VAT in the export of statistics.
  • Integration with the "Reservation and Booking System" Module.
  • New password field when adding client.
  • New feature, returns of defective products.

Version 4.5 [25/02/2019]

  • In the stock section, display of a summary of the movements made in a pivot table.
  • Add products on credit orders and display it in a pivot table.
  • Improvement of the label counter in the label generator.
  • Improvement in the list of orders from the POS.
  • Bugs corrected in credit orders.
  • New button to search for inactive products from the search engine in the POS.
  • POS icon in Prestashop 1.7 fixed.

Version 4.4 [08/02/2019]

  • The Stock section now shows a movements table and a current status with more details
  • Improvement for products returning in cancelled orders

Version 4.3 [04/02/2018]

  • Improvement in returns tickets details
  • Improvements in products order

Version 4.2 [27/11/2018]

  • Warehouses restrictions for employee
  • Button for changing customer in the order
  • Button to change currency directly on the POS
  • New label size in the barcode generator
  • Improvemen in character in the add product panel
  • Improvement in statistics
  • Credit order improvement, now you can add products
  • Product link in the Stock section

Version 4.1 [07/06/2018]

  • Change of employee button always available in the POS
  • Cashdrawer movements encryptedfor the french normative NF 525
  • Translation panel of the POS Prestashop
  • Barcode to identify the receipt
  • All in One rewards module integration
  • Partial returns in credit orders still not paid
  • Improvements in design and interface of the cashdrawers
  • Changement of price with or without taxes
  • Bugs on IE 11
  • UPC in the codebar label generator
  • New codebar labels size
  • Carts by customers can be recovered from the POS
  • Error handling with Ioncube

Version 4.0 [02/09/2017]

  • PS 1.7 adaptation
  • Corrected bugs in statistics with credit orders
  • Birth date in customer fields
  • QR code and custom text field in label generator
  • More columns in the stock table in statistics
  • Custom fields in customers
  • Compatibility with PS 1.6.0.X
  • Products counter on the POS
  • Custom carrier in quotations

Version 3.9 [22/04/2017]

  • Quotations saved as orders and printables in several languages.
  • Button for cashdrawer printing.
  • Button to group products in statistics.
  • Japanese and chinses language added in the label generator.
  • Quick return also in products with no stock
  • Category filter in sales statistics
  • Returns with the payment method specified.
  • The stock section can transfer between warehouses
  • Fixed issues in Safari.
  • Performance improvement in the user interface of the POS.
  • Fixed incompatibility with Google analytics causing error 502.
  • Trial version trial for new customers.
  • Fixed bugs in sales statistics and improved the time reponse in results.
  • Button to hide the cashdrawer total.
  • Added option to save configurations in the label generator.

Version 3.8 [01/01/2016]

  • In Restock section, new button to generate the labels from the items added.
  • In Restock section price and wholesale price are modifiable.
  • New featured, the cashdrawers, configurable from the configuration panel.
  • New interface in label generator
  • New sizes in the label generator.
  • Root category selectable in the POS.
  • Advanced stock management added to the restock section.
  • Improvement in the interface of configuration panel.
  • Statistics with invoice filter.
  • Quick returns without needing to search order.
  • More options exporting reports in statistics.
  • Posibility to choose the currency in the POS.
  • New interface inthe order credit list.
  • Gift ticket modifiable.

Version 3.7 [05/10/2015]

  • Improved budget template.
  • Fixed bugs in Ipad.
  • Fixed bugs in returns.
  • Before adding products with combinations now there is a popup to select the combination desired.
  • Redesigned interface to allow more products in screen
  • In label generator, now there's a field to add an offset and a button to hide products with 0 stock.
  • In module configuration it has been created a selector to choose categories to hide in the POS.
  • Button in the order to modify the order date.
  • Create and print cart rules (discounts).
  • Responsive improved.
  • Fixed bug in warehouses carriers.
  • Sales statistics with taxes breakdown and button to print the sales with details.
  • Added the option to ignore produtcs marked as "online only".
  • Optional column in receipt with price/unit.
  • Optional column in receipt with original price.
  • Payment methods with fees (fixed and/or variable).

Version 3.6 [08/07/2015]

  • Statistics tab with stock report and sales report.
  • Improvement in product list.
  • Now it's possible to add a weight to calculate the price based on unity price.
  • Improvement in codebars section, new sizes, quick configuration, more filters, etc.
  • New section to manage stock quickly ( no ASM yet ).
  • Product customization improved.
  • Bugs fixed in installation and unistallation.
  • Change product name in orders page.

Version 3.5 [12/01/2015]

  • Optional extra field in customers.
  • The possibility to upload images to products.
  • Photo gallery in products.
  • Fixed bug in the change of prices of products.
  • Fixed bug related to the shipping.
  • Swipe effect in products list.
  • Improvement in orders processing. The emails to customer can be disabled to improve the perfomance waiting the ticket
  • Signatura of invoices and delivery slips.

Version 3.4 [15/11/2014]

  • Customizations in products showed in tickets and saved in the order.
  • Improvement in search algorithm.
  • Extra screen to show to the customer in the physical store.
  • Changes on the interface related to the prestashop menu.
  • Optimization of space creating a slider menu.
  • Improvement in the daily totalization design.
  • Temporary change of product name.

Version 3.3 [08/07/2014]

  • Added button to enlarge photo of the product.
  • Fix language bug in the order tab.
  • Improvement product entry by barcode reader.
  • Added new paper types in the barcode labels generator.
  • Improvement payments, now you can enter payment information, interest, fees, etc.
  • Improvement in totalization, now with distinction between physical store and online.
  • Interface change in the module configuration.
  • Special optional functionality to avoid splitted orders when products are in different warehouses.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts, ESC delete shopping list, F10 do checkout.
  • Added German, Portuguese and Italian.

Version 3.2 [08/07/2014]

  • Added the option to enable the sound "Beep" when a product is added.
  • Added the option to add a column in the tickets with the discounts per product.
  • Added the option to show discounts in gift tickets.

Version 3.1 [16/05/2014]

  • Improvement in discounts, search by invoice number.
  • Temporary change of prices in the pos.
  • Ticket reprinting from the order page.
  • Improvement in codebars. Now you can print labels of products and combinations with name, price, combination name and codebar. It also autogenerates the codebars if they don't exist.

Version 3.0 [26/04/2014]

  • Updated for prestashop 1.6.
  • Change of order in the shopping list.

Version 2.9 [26/03/2014]

  • Added arabic language.
  • Keyboard changed, calculator mode.
  • Added retentions button.
  • Register customers without email.

Version 2.8 [04/03/2014]

  • Added orders button.
  • Added invoice button.
  • Management of payment methods.
  • Added payment method, Bank transfer, integrated in ticket.

Version 2.7 [21/02/2014]

  • Added nederlans language.
  • Added Danish language.
  • Returns generate reductions ticket.

Version 2.6 [05/02/2014]

  • Tax button now in configuration.
  • Added invoice credit.
  • Added button to generate codebar pages to paste in products.

Version 2.5 [24/01/2014]

  • Added the button "Add product".
  • Bugs fixed in add customer.
  • Added note field to include a note in the order.
  • Added the option to include the customer data in the ticket.

Version 2.4 [ 19/12/2013 ]

  • Breakdown taxes on tickets.
  • POS multi - user, with permissions for different employees. From now on every employee has their permits and there is no mixture of shopping lists when multiple employees working at once.
  • Fixed bugs in discounts.
  • Paid and refund added to the ticket.

Version 2.1 [25/11/2013]

  • Rewrite all module, now it works dinamically, with AJAX.
  • Gift ticket.
  • Discounts with fidelization module.
  • Adaptation from ticket to simplified invoice.
  • Add customer button.
  • Print button in totalization.

Version 2.0 [23/10/2013]

  • New interface adapted for any screen (mobile, tablet, or widescreen), as it adapts to the width dynamically.
  • Added configuration option to edit search parameters and customize a field to the ticket.

Version 1.3 [28/08/2013]

  • Added option "totalization" for sales made in a day through the POS in cash and credit card.

Version 1.2 [15/03/2013]

  • Browse by product categories.
  • Keyboard on the screen to change return.

Version 1.0 and 1.1 [20/01/2013]

  • Adapted from version 1.4 with all the functionality that you had to assign an order to a customer, order with or without VAT, search by reference, name and EAN, etc.