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How to add discounts POS TPV PRESTASHOP

How to add discounts POS TPV PRESTASHOP

With POS-POS you can add discounts to specific products and / or global discounts to the entire purchase list. It is also possible to search the discount list.

Discount to specific products:

In the product line there is a column called "Disc"

Once you have selected the discount button for that product, you can choose its quantity and between a nominal or percentage discount:

Global discounts to the entire list of products:

To discount the entire list of products, press the label icon on the bottom left.

Subsequently, a new discount is pressed and the name of the discount, the promotion code and the amount to be discounted are added.

These discounts can also be nominal or percentage.

Tip: It is also possible to choose a discount previously used from the discount list. This is done by manually creating a code by generating a discount and then writing that code name in the discount list.