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Credit payment POS TPV Prestashop

Credit payment POS TPV Prestashop

Besides from the traditional forms of payment (card, cash, transfer ...) POS TPV Prestashop has the option of charging a sale "on credit" or "on account", being able to configure a percentage on the price or a deadline of payment. In this way, through POS TPV Prestashop can offer some flexibility when it comes to charging your customers.

In the following tutorial we will teach you how to configure and consult this payment method in your Prestashop POS.

Credit orders in POS Prestashop: Step 1.

The first thing we have to do is check that credit payments are allowed in the configuration of our Prestashop POS.

To change the configuration of the module it is necessary to enter the option Configure>Modules> Module Manager> we look for "POS" and select configure. With this the configuration menu will open and we can change the different parameters.

In this case we have to go to the “Statuses and Payment methods” tab.

We make sure that the option "Option to pay invoices on credit" is marked "ON".

Credit orders at TPV Prestashop: Step 2.

The next step to configure credit orders in POS TPV Prestashop, is to normally make an order from POS Store, but taking special care that the payment method is selected as "On credit".

By checking this option and clicking on Checkout, a pop-up window will appear to specify the different details of the credit sale:
• Ending date.
• Number of payments fee.
• % of interest.
• Initial payment and payment method

Credit orders at TPV Prestashop: Step 3.

To consult all credit orders in POS TPV Prestashop simply open the POS menu and click on "Credit orders".

A window will open where all the orders on account that we have made at the POS Store will be shown. If we click on any order, It will display the different payments that has been made on that account, it will also allow to consult the missing payment of the sale on account or generate a new ticket to print.

Credit orders at POS Prestashop: Step 4.

As a final detail, POS TPV Prestashop shows the tickets generated by each subscription, the list with the different payments that have been made, the amounts and the rest that remains to be paid.