Establishing a bulk price is useful for those products that are not sold by units, but by weight, size or have other conditions that may fit this classification.

To establish that a product that is sold by weight (in bulk), the product must be configured for this, it must be established a price per kilogram or liter, etc ...

To establish the price and quantity, we must go to Catalog> Products> Oranges (BULK)> Pricing.

Example: Establish a price of 2 Euro / kg (tax excluded) for Oranges in Bulk

In the following example it can be seen the difference between charging a customer 1.5kg, 3.42kg and 1.96kg of product, the price is adjusted automatically when the Recalculate price tab is activated.


There is the possibility of charging a different price per kg once, first we establish the new price and then disable the “Recalculate price” box and establish a quantity desired for that price.

This can be interesting if the sale is not a common sale and we want to sell a specific quantity of product at a new and special price.

Example: In order to give a client a special price, A price of 1 Eur is established, the box to recalculate price must be disabled and a quantity of 3Kgs is established.


If we want the price per kg to be specified on the purchase receipt, we must activate it in the POS configuration. To change the configuration of the module it is necessary to enter the option customize> modules> Module Manager> we look for "POS" and select configure.

The configuration menu will open and we can change the different parameters. Here we go to Receipt and at the bottom we activate the option: Add price unit. column? And press SAVE.

TIP: Please do not confuse with “Add column unit/price?”

And this is how the two tickets created in this tutorial would appear if the option is enabled.