First it will be necessary to enter the configuration menu of the POS module.

To change the configuration of the module it is necessary to enter the option Configure>Modules> Module Manager> we look for "POS" and select configure. With this the configuration menu will open and we can change the different parameters.

Inside the cash audit tab you can change the settings easily.


Establish if you want the cashdrawer to be managed by employees or by store. In the first case, a new cashdrawer is created and the employees who will be in charge of it are assigned. In the case of being managed by stores, write the name of the cashdrawer and assign the store / s where it is located.

When entering the POS, the existence of a cashdrawer can be made mandatory or optional.

You will also be able to choose which forms of payment you register at the till, normally they are cash and credit card, but you may be interested in another personalized form of payment.


To create a cash count, you must enter the POS store and select the cashdrawer that will charge the customer, since previously it was indicated in configuration that the use of cash was mandatory.

Press in new cash count and fill the amount of money in that cashdrawer.

Then, select which cashdrawer of the previously created is the one we are using and click save


Inside the main panel of the POS, in the lower left button where it says Cashdrawer.

We access the menu where we can see the contents of the cashdrawer:

1- The information of the cashdrawer: Name, employee, money at the beginning, current money, comments, opening hours of the box, etc.

2- List of movements of this cashdrawer with details of: ID, concept, Description, Quantity, Employee and Date.

3- Inflows or outflows of money. It can add the description and the corresponding amount.

4- Grouped cash movements. Where it will have a summary of all the movements that have happened in that cashdrawer.

5- Open the coin drawer.

6- Transfer the money from one cashdrawer to another. With this movement we will close the current cashdrawer and transfer the money to a new cashdrawer.

7-Close cashdrawer, a pop-up will be shown where you can enter the cash in the cashdrawer, where you can enter if there is a mismatch and the reason for this imbalance


To review the history of cash audits we must go to the menu of Prestashop POS Store>cash count history.

The history of cash count is used to check the historical movements of cash count, it is possible to filter the history of cash counts according to whether the current situation of the cash count (open, closed or both), by employee or by date.