Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard shortcut by POS Prestashop

Enable kiosk (silent) printing

Enable kiosk (silent) printing for Google Chrome by POS TPV Prestashop

How to add products on the shopping list and use the barcode reader

How to add products on the shopping list and use the barcode reader

Returns Pos TPV Prestashop

POS Prestashop, return products in orders, return products with a vouchet code

How to Add and Manage New Clients

POS Prestashop, create customers prestashop

How to add products Pos TPV Prestashop

How to create products pos prestashop

How to add discounts POS TPV PRESTASHOP

How to add discounts POS TPV Prestashop

Fix Problems of ticket printing

Guide for fixing problems with ticket printing on the pos prestashop

Cashdrawers POS TPV Prestashop

Pos POS Prestashop has the possibility of creating and eliminating Cashdrawers, as well as creating or closing cash counts for businesses that have several physical points of sale. Everything is centralized through our module

Different prices TPV Prestashop y Web

[VIDEOTUTORIAL] POS POS - Tutorial to configure different prices in products of our Prestashop POS and in products of the online store in Prestashop

Products only visible in POS Prestashop

Products only visible in POS Prestashop. Hide it in online store and show it in the physical store

Bulk Sale POS-TPV Prestashop

A bulk price is useful for those products that are not sold by units, but by weight, size or have other conditions that may fit into this classification.

Credit payment POS TPV Prestashop

[VIDEOTUTORIAL] - Credit payments in POS POS Prestashop. In this tutorial we will teach how to make a sale in our Prestashop POS with the payment method "on credit".

POS Screen. Function in POS TPV Prestashop

The POS screen shows the actions carried out on an order in the POS Store. It is used for customers to see their purchase order simultaneously.

Quotation POS TPV prestashop

This tutorial explains how to create a quote to send to a customer in PDF or transform it into a successful purchase order.


Explanation of how to make a payment using various payment methods, the most commonly used are Cash and Card.